Struck by lightning movie review

The main character Carson Phillips talks about himself, his town and his parents.

Struck by lightning movie review

They were always simple little stories about the mystique and love of the game. The Natural is a romantic baseball fable that will warm the heart of anyone who loves Americas past time.

I have been meaning to see it for years and am I glad I finally did. Roy Hobbs grew up on a farm playing catch with his dad. One day his dad has a heart attack and dies under a tree. Later, that tree gets struck by lightning and Roy makes himself a baseball bat out of it, naming it Wonderboy.

After high school he gets a try out with the Cubs. On the train ride to Chicago he meets a woman and his destiny changes. Sixteen years later Hobbs gets another chance at baseball playing for a losing New York team.

The moment he walks into the dugout carrying Wonderboy, the manager says to him, "People don't start playing ball at your age, they retire! After riding the bench for awhile, Hobbs finally gets a chance at bat.

He and Wonderboy impress everyone from his first at bat. Three woman play an integral role in Hobbs's life. Iris was his high school sweetheart who supported his baseball dreams from the beginning. They made love in a barn the night before he got on the train to Chicago.

The second is the woman in black he met on the train who shattered those dreams. The third is Memo, the team's whore. As soon as she and Hobbs start their affair he goes into a hitting slump and the team starts losing again.

During one such losing game in Chicago, Hobbs catches sight of Iris among the spectators as she stands in support of Hobbs at bat.

He of course hits it out of the park. During the night they spent together, Hobbs promised Iris a future with him, but after meeting the woman in black, he never saw Iris again, until that day at the game.

They reconnect as friends and Hobbs learns that Iris has a son, but she is not married. Hobbs is now playing well again and so is the team.

However, there are politics going on in the offices involving ownership, and some very wealthy people do not want Hobbs and his team to win. Memo works for these people and acts as bad luck for Hobbs. She is the opposite of Iris. She is played by Kim Bassinger made to look like Marilyn Monroe.

Hobbs is in bad health after eating from the snake's apple. If his team loses the game the coach loses the team.

Lightning struck a Temecula resident during a storm on Friday, Oct. According to the Temecula Police Department, the bolt struck the metal button atop the man’s baseball hat. (Courtesy. His mother was struck by lightning while giving birth to him, thus forcing the newborn Sepoko to pull himself out of her charred body. Now dubbed “The Ghost,” the seemingly invincible crime boss aims to wreak havoc on deceptively liberated towns in post-Apartheid South Africa. There isn't much to say about Struck by Lightning, except that it's one of those interchangeable teen movies that lands in theaters in early January, the morgue for films nobody knows what to do 27%.

If they win they go to the World Series. Iris is in the stands with her 16 year old son and a secret she desperately wants to tell Hobbs. Hobbs comes to the plate and takes a strike. Like God taking back his gift, Wonderboy breaks on the next swing. Could a movie get anymore poetic. The Natural has some great dialogue.

He reminisces about his dad and how much he misses him, but then Hobbs' cut himself off and says, "Man I love baseball. In that same scene Iris tells Hobbs that everyone has two lives, "The life we learn with and the life we live with after that.

Just because we did not get to accomplish those things we once thought were so important does not mean our lives are without purpose.By no means was this a work of art, but Struck by Lightning is definitely a book that I recommend every high schooler (or adult) read. PS: See the movie!

Struck by lightning movie review

I much preferred it over the book (which may be attributed to the book being based off the screenplay)/5(85). Chris Colfer's Struck By Lightning. It also stars Allison Janney, Rebel Wilson, Christina Hendricks, Dermot Mulroney Our movie pick for the week of 12/23/ is.

Chris Colfer's many projects outside of Glee include his new movie Struck By Lightning. As a fan of Glee season one, I have a soft spot for Chris Colfer.

As a human being with a brain I have a hard spot (that's a a thing now) for Rebel Wilson.

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I just think she's the best thing that happened in So I promise you that I went into Struck by Lightning with the best intentions. All in all, Struck by Lightning offered a witty and entertaining take on high school cliches but also did justice to the darker side that came with it as well.

It was honest. It . Glee’s Chris Colfer makes the jump from television to cinema with Struck By Lightning, which he adapts from his own book Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips adriaticoutfitters.come small glimpses of well-handled humour, Colfer’s feature is essentially a self-serving vanity project that falls flat.

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