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Contact, Command and Control: Area Control Rooms and Service Centres Local police officer resources are the core complement of officers under the direction of the Local Commander and include community policing, response policing and divisional road policing teams. Also included in the local resource figures are officers within the divisional Criminal Investigation Department and Public Protection Units.

Police management

There are no guarantees that all of the listed vehicles will be sold. All Police management are subject to withdrawal from the sale up to and including at the time of the auction for any reason.

Police Towing Supervisor The Police Towing Supervisor manages the police towing regulations and the participating tow companies.

Town of Mount Hope Police Department Services

All complaints regarding police tows will be handled by this unit. The Police Impound Lot is located at: Monday thru Friday, 7: The Police Impound Lot is closed on all county observed Holidays. The following is a partial list of towing fees.

These prices are not inclusive. Prices subject to change. There are different prices for different incidences.

Police management

These guidelines are for ordinary tows not including medium and heavy duty vehicles. Click here to learn more about these types of tows. Vehicles are released only to titled owners. Proof-of-ownership title and government issued identification are required prior to release.

Owners may authorize other persons to claim vehicles.

Police management

This requires a notarized authorization letter from the owner detailing who has permission to claim the vehicle and proof of ownership title. As part of our multi-faceted mission, the VRS is responsible for removing abandoned, unregistered, and illegally parked junk vehicles from public road.

Department of Police, Fire & Emergency Management

The VRS can also provide guidance to community neighborhoods, commercial and residential property owners pertaining to the legal disposal of abandoned vehicles. The VRS can also handle complaints for abandoned bicycles on public rights-of-way. Please note, due to the volume of complaints and other VRS responsibilities, response time for a complaint may take anywhere from 2-days to 2-weeks, so please be patient.

If a complaint has not been addressed after 2-weeks, please contact the VRS manager at Complaints for vehicles on public roadways are generally handled in the order received. Police towing complaints should be directed to the Police Towing Supervisor at How to Generate a Complaint: The VRS can be contacted at their email address of Abandoned.

You may also contact the VRS via their phone number at If you opt to reach the unit by phone, there is an automated message system where complaint information may be relayed by leaving a voicemail.All participants may view the selection of vehicles offered on the day of the auction, starting at a.m.

Purchased vehicles must be removed on auction day or the following day (Sunday) or . Phillip Roselle, a year veteran of the Norwalk Police Department, has been dealing with a host of medical issues since another officer accidentally shot him during a training session.

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